The goal of Hamilton's Environmental Studies Program is to encourage students to explore the impact of human interaction with our environment through an interdisciplinary approach that balances broad, practical groundwork with focused, individual study.

Environmental studies as an academic field is only a few decades old, but the concept is ancient. We interact continuously with our surroundings, and we benefit deeply from understanding that interaction. But while the environment has always shaped human life and culture, we also shape the environment — and never more so than today, in an era of rapid technological change and population growth.

Students in environmental studies develop a variety of tools and perspectives by doing coursework in several disciplines. After completing a series of foundation courses, majors select a more specific track to follow: humanities, social sciences or natural sciences. Working closely with distinguished faculty members in biology, geosciences, government, economics, anthropology, philosophy, English and other disciplines, majors investigate environmental issues and attitudes with rigor and imagination — and emerge ready to make a difference.

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Environmental Studies Program

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