Asian Studies

Your coursework will give you a global perspective and the tools to understand the events and issues of the day through the lens of the societies you study. Supportive faculty will encourage you to study abroad in distinguished programs.

Jack Lyons '16 in Kyoto.

A student’s immersion on campus and abroad

Jack Lyons ’16 started studying Japanese language and culture in high school and even went abroad for a few weeks, during which he fell in love with the city of Kyoto. One reason he picked Hamilton College was that it enabled him to study abroad his junior year at the Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Study. He's an Asian studies major with a focus on Japan.

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Sarah Bither '13A graduate’s progress: teaching in Japan

Sarah Bither ’13, who works as an assistant teacher in Japan, is delving deep into Japanese culture. She’s taking tea ceremony and koto lessons.

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