Days-Massolo Center

Amit Taneja
Director, Diversity & Inclusion

Janet Turvey
Assistant to the Chief Diversity Officer
315-859-4554 (fax)

Stephanie Guzman
Graduate Assistant

Programs & Services

Cultural Cafés

Once every semester, multicultural groups involved with the Days-Massolo Center host what they call a Cultural Café. Cultural Cafés are small, informal activities run by students open to the Hamilton community. Each cultural café is held in the center. Cultural cafés last for about 30 minutes to an hour and are held in the evenings during the school week. The intent is to provide students with a fun way to take a break from their studies. Student groups use these cultural cafés to introduce the community to their organizations through creativity, fun, and a fresh pot of coffee.

Training and Workshops

Students and faculty have the ability to host workshops and train others for multicultural related topics in the center. This allows those who use the center to benefit from the views and experiences of their peers. These workshops and training sessions provides the opportunity to explore and learn how to address multicultural topics. Some of these programs are: study abroad information sessions, open houses, cultural comfort cooking workshops, discussion panels, and the increasingly popular safe zone trainings.

Safe Zone Training

Developed by Meg Bolger ’11, Safe Zone training ensures that students learn about appropriate vocabulary and how to address LGBTQ issues. The workshops take place usually on Saturday afternoons for about 3 hours. Students and faculty come together in small groups with their Safe Zone trainers to view presentations and play games that expose them to their own biases regarding the LGBTQ community. Because the program is not led by any specific organization or authoritative figure, the program can be tailored to its participants. This opens the program to groups such as resident advisors, Greek organizations, sports teams, and other groups that deal with unique issues regarding the LGBTQ community. The program encourages its participants to think in-depth about their identity and be more accepting of others.

Space Reservation and Guidelines

The Days-Massolo Center is a space that students and faculty can use to help pursue further cultural education. Members of the Hamilton community may hold an event in the center by reserving space through the online reservation center. Space reservation can be made for official Hamilton colege events organized by student groups, departments, and offices.

  • Reserve the space [please specify DAYS 100 as the space location on the reservation form].

Students and faculty often say that the center feels like a home for everyone. In order to maintain this home-like feeling, the staff at the Days-Massolo Center requests that anyone who uses the center leaves it the way that they found it.

For more information about the use of the space, feel free to contact anyone on the Days-Massolo Staff page.