Writing Center

The Nesbitt-Johnston Writing Center is located in Kirner-Johnson 152.

Student Evaluations of Writing Conferences F'08

Evaluate your satisfaction with the CONTENT of your writing conference: Was the tutor thorough enough for you? Was the tutor critical enough? Too critical? Did you understand the tutor's comments? Were your questions answered? Were you able to understand and apply the tutor's comments later on?

He was critical but didn't totally revamp my paper. His comments were clear and understandable and he helped me with issues I wanted resolved.

Yes, he was excellent. He does a great job of giving you specific advice. He points out specific things he would recommend changing and why.

My tutor was excellent; he was very thorough. He was critical, but with each criticism he explained my mistake and helped me to find a different way to express my thoughts. All of my questions were answered and I was easily able to apply his comments.

Yes, he was very thorough and he gave me a lot of good insight. The conference was great and his comments were good and balanced between the things that I did well and the things that I needed to work on.

The tutor was critical in a really nice way and seemed as if she really wanted to help me fix my paper. She really helped me make my thesis clear and made sure I was backing up that thesis throughout the paper.

This was one of the best writing center conferences I have had. She was very thorough; willing to listen to my ideas and help me articulate them into my paper.

My tutor was incredibly thorough and critical, but constructively so. She helped me solve the main concerns I had going into the conference, and she also helped me with the conclusion of my essay.

Yes, critical and tough – exactly what I wanted. She did not hold back and told me what she thought was wrong. I understand her comments. My questions were answered. I went home and edited my paper after our conference and I feel much better about my paper.

She had good notes before the conference started which helped focus the session. It was nice to go through the paper line by line and talk about even the smallest improvements. She made good notes of what was discussed that will be easy to go back to.

She was Awesome! Really helped me focus and improve my argument in my paper. Thank you.

He was amazing. He helped me fix the structure of my essay, gave me ways to improve my essay that were easy to understand. He was definitely critical but not overly so. He helped me with all the things I asked for help on and pointed out many ways to make my essay better. He was very thorough and a great tutor.

She was a really good tutor. She read my essay through carefully beforehand and made good, critical points that I was able to apply afterwards.

I feel like he helped me solidify my argument. I was able to understand his suggestions and put them into effect when I edited my paper.

Evaluate your satisfaction with the PROCESS of the writing conference: Was the tutor approachable? Did you feel comfortable in the conference? Were you involved in the discussion? Did you feel the tutor listened to you?

He was very receptive to my comments and took each of them as cues for even more concrete suggestions. He helped me list my own ideas more clearly and express them in the precise fashion I had hoped to articulate them. He found a structural way to make the most powerful use of the work I had done, by strengthening my transition and introductory sentences to support my existing arguments. He basically took the cake (my essay) and helped me ice it and provide the final touch it was lacking that turned my paper from okay to persuasive.

She made me feel very comfortable, and I had no problems with sharing any of my doubts with her. She listened carefully to everything I said and then commented. She was very patient.

I felt like we worked together on my paper.

I was extremely comfortable. She encouraged me to be active in the conversation about the paper and express my own opinions about my writing and her suggestions.

She was very approachable and the discussion was reciprocal. She did a great job.

I felt really comfortable with him. He has a welcoming personality. He made sure I was involved in the discussion and he listened to everything I had to say.

Awesome...I love the writing center. You all continue to help me improve my writing skills.

I felt very comfortable and at ease during my conference. She was really easy to talk to and always listened to me.

I was happy that she gave me pointers on how to develop my writing skills.

I felt very comfortable with the whole process. The tutor was great and I learned a considerable amount.

Other comments:

It was my first visit to the writing center and I am planning on coming back because of all of the help that I received. Keep up the good work!