Writing Center

The Nesbitt-Johnston Writing Center is located in Kirner-Johnson 152.

Student Evaluations of Writing Conferences, F '07

Evaluate your satisfaction with the content of your writing conference: Was the tutor thorough enough for you? Was the tutor critical enough? Too critical? Did you understand the tutor's comments? Were your questions answered? Were you able to understand and apply the tutor's comments later on?

The tutor was great; she really helped me organize my essay. I really like how she didn't try to change my writing style.

My tutor was definitely thorough and critical, and I understood all of her comments. I had all of my ideas in place; I just needed some organizational guidance. It is always helpful to talk about my ideas with a tutor; she was able to get me thinking even deeper about the ideas that I had already formed.

I was very happy with my conference. I thought the tutor was very thorough, addressing my concerns and adding her own corrective criticisms. I understood her comments; they were very neat and organized. I especially appreciated her editing key. I was able to understand and apply her comments later on; they were very useful.

The tutor was very helpful. She analyzed each part of the paper thoroughly. She clearly explained the reasons for her suggestions.

My tutor was very thorough and was critical enough (but not insulting). I understood his comments; he made sure that everything was clear. All of my questions were answered. I have yet to apply the comments to my essay; but I do not think that I will have much trouble.

I was extremely satisfied with my writing conference. He did a great job. He pointed out exactly what I needed to do but was always constructive. My questions were answered, and he was easy to understand.

I was very satisfied with my conference. She did a great job of helping me refine my essay and explained to me steps I needed to take in order to improve future essays. She was very thorough and took the time/effort to consider all aspects of my writing and my topic. I know I benefited from my conference with her.

He helped out a great deal. He helped reconstruct a new, clearer thesis and pointed out many errors I had throughout my essay and how I could strengthen it. I've only been to the center twice and have had great results each time.

The writing conference went very well; my tutor helped me think through and organize my thoughts and notes. He asked questions that helped prompt ideas that led to a more developed thesis. My tutor also helped me recognize the important parts of my paper.

She picked up on exactly what I asked her. Her comments were constructive, and she went through every recommendation with me. Her comments were very helpful after when editing my draft. I liked how she wrote comments down on a separate piece of paper.

His notes were very thorough, and he raised a lot of appropriate questions about my paper and the approach I took writing it. He was not critical but insightful.

We went over everything that I wanted to in my conference. It was conducted in a manner that made it very productive for me. I definitely needed the help, and the aid I received was very useful.

Excellent. Her comments are always clear and precise and her grammatical corrections always head-on. She has a fantastic ability to comprehend the root of arguments quickly and to anticipate where the essay is headed but does not quite achieve.

My tutor was very thorough, helping me with all of my structural problems and answering all my questions. She provided the insights that I needed to strengthen my paper in the ways I was looking for and in ways that I did not see.

The tutor was as effective as he could have been without writing the paper for me. I am completely satisfied.

I was extremely pleased with my writing conference. He helped me not just sort my thoughts but clarify them and turn them into a coherent argument. I was thoroughly impressed with his competence and intelligence; and I'm confident in our final result.

Her criticism was at the appropriate level. We reviewed all of her comments during our meeting so I definitely understood what changes needed to be made. All of my questions were answered! I fully understood what the comments were and what changes I needed to make.

Evaluate your satisfaction with the process of the writing conference: Was the tutor approachable? Did you feel comfortable in the conference? Were you involved in the discussion? Did you feel the tutor listened to you?

I felt like she truly cared about improving my paper. She was amicable, constructive, and
positive. She listened to my comments and concerns. It was very much a joint process.

I felt very comfortable in the conference. I actually enjoyed the process of writing because a peer was helping me rather than a professor telling me. She did a great job of keeping me involved and understanding what I wanted to say while helping me say it more effectively.

She was approachable; she was a very careful and respectful listener. I enjoyed our conversation.

My tutor made me feel comfortable talking about my paper, and she got me involved in the discussion. I was able to describe what I was trying to do, and she helped give me pointers on how to accomplish my goals.

I felt comfortable in the conference and felt it was more of a discussion than just me being told what to fix. The tutor listened to me, especially concerning the different parts of the paper.

I felt comfortable in the conference. I also felt involved; my tutor mainly talked or asked questions in order to help me articulate new ideas or talk through my notes. I felt he was a good listener as well.

She never actually reworded or made changes but asked me how I could  make it better and prompted me to make the changes myself; she just guided the conversation so that all of the edits were mine. It was great, and I will probably more effectively edit my own paper next time.

He helped me think conceptually about the poem I was writing about, and we talked for a long time about certain analytical insights I could add to my paper to improve it. The discussion was in no way one-sided; he was a good listener.

He was very nice and approachable. I felt completely comfortable asking questions and felt that he listened to those questions and was able to give me well-thought-out answers.

My tutor was very approachable and easy-going. I felt comfortable and involved in the discussion. She was open to my explanations for my writing choices and listened to what I had to say.

The tutor was very approachable, and I found it easy to collaborate with her on my ideas and needs. The tutor listened to what I was trying to prove with my paper and helped me achieve the goal.

Other comments, suggestions?

Thank you to the writing center tutors; you all do your peers a great service.

It was a great first experience at the writing center!