Writing Center

The Nesbitt-Johnston Writing Center is located in Kirner-Johnson 152.

Student Comments from Writing Conference Evaluations, F '06

Question: Evaluate your satisfaction with the content of your writing conference.

My tutor was very thorough and critical without being discouraging.

She encouraged me to keep working on my draft and pointed me in the right direction. The tutor was very well prepared with notes regarding my paper. She was critical at an appropriate, helpful level. She went through all of the revisions with me to make sure I understood. While revising, it was easy to follow her comments and recall the discussion we had.

The tutor answered all of my questions, and her suggestions were clearly marked and easy to apply.

The tutor was extremely helpful in addressing my weaknesses. I used her comments regarding my paragraph conclusions later on and even in recent work. It was a good writing and learning atmosphere, because she was not too critical.

His comments were easy to understand. I had no problem going back and editing my paper a few days later. He answered my questions very clearly.

I understood what I needed to work on and was able to apply that understanding to my final draft.

My tutor really took time to work out an issue in my paper, made suggestions about how to improve it, and made sure I understood the discussion.

Perhaps the most important thing she does is incorporate my  ideas/thoughts about my own work into her suggestions. After conferences with her, I find that I have an easy time taking the paper to a higher intellectual and structural level through her helpful criticism and neutral evaluation of my work.

She gave me very good advice on cutting out wordiness, re-wording vague or awkward sentences, helping me to reconstruct my topic sentences, making my thesis clearer and more to the point, and connecting my conclusions to my thesis statement.

The tutor helped me formulate a thesis from the thousands of ideas I had floating through my head.

I feel like my paper really improved after this conference.

I am confident about my paper's thesis because she helped me.

That essay turned out to be the best paper of the semester!

My tutor helped me talk through my ideas and write down what I wanted to say. She helped me organize my own ideas and thoughts.

She was more than happy to answer all of my questions.

She was very approachable. She made sure I comprehended my mistakes and let me consider how to change passages before she offered her own suggestions.

I thought that he listened well and was very responsive to what I had to say. He made the session interactive, and he always asked me if I understood his comments.

I really liked how active the process was; now I feel more confident in voicing my opinion to future tutors.

She did not tell me what I should do; she encouraged me to think by myself.

The comments were most beneficial. The conferences are great opportunities for me to discuss my paper with someone who is willing to sit down and listen. I feel this has really enhanced my papers' overall effectiveness.

I was nervous because it was my first conference, but the tutor put me at ease by starting out with what he liked in my paper.

My tutor expressed a genuine interest in my paper.

She listened patiently to my opinions in the discussion.

She did not give me the correct answers; rather she allowed me to look at my work and fix the mistakes myself.

Other comments, suggestions?

I am very grateful that there is a writing center on campus.

I love the Writing Center! I make at least two conferences for every paper. I've improved a lot.