Many Voices, One Hamilton

The Hamilton Community

Memories that Last a Lifetime

Hamilton's beautiful, spacious campus blends traditional historic charm with dynamic, modern facilities. Living and learning together in this resource-rich environment — sharing a common experience — often lead to friendships that last a lifetime.

And students certainly make the most of it. Each year, Hamilton hosts more than 750 concerts, lectures, sporting events, blood drives, poetry readings, parties, debates, worship services, films, gallery openings, coffeehouses, volunteer activities ... the list goes on and on. Students lead more than 125 community service, cultural, musical, athletic, political, social, media, recreational and religious groups. Plus there are 28 varsity teams, 11 club programs and dozens more intramural and recreational offerings.

Providing the setting for these activities, as well as academic study and residential life, are first-rate facilities. In fact, Hamilton is in the midst of a massive campus renewal and has invested more than $150 million in new and renovated buildings over the past decade.

As they engage in this dynamic environment, students experience quality personal interactions. Although it's hard to pinpoint, visitors say they sense it almost immediately. Students are comfortable with each other. They tend to be serious about their studies, but they don't take themselves too seriously. They are accepted and respected for who they are.

Perhaps Zöe Baldwin '06 said it best: "When my family and friends come to visit, they all comment that I seem to know everyone. It's not that I know everyone, it's that everyone knows everyone."