Residential Life

Resident Advisors

RA Staff Selection for students who wish to serve in the position
for the 2014-15 Academic Year

The following timeline details the process for applying to become a Resident Advisor. For more information on the responsibilities and compensation of this position please review the RA Contract.

Application Process for New RA Candidates

This process is for all candidates who have not previously served as an RA at Hamilton and will be on-campus for the spring semester. All new applicants must attend two 45-minute individual interviews. The dates and times are provided below. Applicants will be assigned to a time slot for both individual interviews. The schedule will be distributed via email.

  • Info Sessions
    Thursday, January 23, 2014 - 7 p.m.: KJ Auditorium
    Wednesday, January 29, 2014 - 7 p.m.: Science Center- Kennedy Auditorium
  • February 2, 2014 -  midnight: All RA applications are due
  • February 16, 2014: Individual interviews will take place between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Candidates will be assigned to two interview times. All candidates must plan to attend their assigned times on this day.
  • March 3-7, 2014: Decision Letters: All candidates will receive a decision letter in their Campus Mailbox at some point during this week.

*In circumstances when an appropriate alternate is not available, Residential Life reserves the right to consider a candidate who has not participated in group process or individual interviews.*


Application Process for Returning RA Candidates

This process is for all RAs who have served as an RA in the past and wish to return to the staff.

  • January 22, 2014: A link to the Returning RA Application will be sent to all former RAs via email, and made available on the RA resources webpage.
  • Februrary 3, 2014 - midnight: All applications must be completed and submitted online.
  • March 3-7, 2014: Decision letters will be sent to all candidates.

Application Process for the Head Resident Advisor Position

This process is for any returning RAs who wish to take on the additional responsibilities of the Head Resident Advisor Position.

  • January 22, 2014: Online applicatgions for the HRA position become avaiable. A link will be sent to returning RAs via email, and will be posted on the RA resources page.
  • January 31, 2014 - midnight: All applications mut be completed and submitted online.
  • Februrary 4-7, 2014: Individual interviews will be head in the Office of Residential Life.
  • February 10, 2014: HRA candidates will be notified of the outcome if their applications. Applicants that are not offered the position will be placed into the pool of Returning RA Applicants.

Application Process for Students Studying Aboard in Spring 2014 Semester:

This process is only for new RA applicants who will not be able to take part in the regular selection process because they will be off-campus during the spring semester.

  • All dates above apply but interviews for applicants who are currently abroad will be done via phone or skype by appointment.