Residential Life

Residential Life

Housing Guide for New Students and Parents

The Housing Preference Questionnaire

Now That You Know All About Living at Hamilton

The online housing preference questionnaire form will need to be completed no later than June 5th at 4 pm. The questionnaire is a part of the first year online tour and is designed to give us information about your personal habits and environmental preferences.  The information that you provide will help us to determine your housing assignment and your future roommate(s).  It is important that you take some time to go through the questionnaire as carefully and as honestly as possible.  Because we believe that learning to live with others is an important part of the residential experience, all students are assigned a roommate(s) their first year at Hamilton.  We also believe that students will gain more from their residence hall experience if they live with students who share similar living habits but who have different backgrounds and perspectives.  After June 5th, we will not be able to process your preference form.  If you would like a paper version of the housing preference questionnaire, please contact the Office of Residential Life at (315) 859-4023. 

The housing preference form is used to help determine your residence hall and to match you with a roommate(s).  Please let us know characteristics about yourself that may have a bearing on your housing assignment (e.g., physical conditions, the need for adaptive or accessible housing on the basis of disability, etc.).  Any unique information you can provide (lifestyle, hobbies, interests, etc.) that can help us in this process would be great.  Please understand that we do not put students who know each other before coming to Hamilton in the same room.  We will, however, consider placing you in the same building or a building nearby.  When you view your room assignment, we will be including the names, addresses and phone numbers of your future roommate(s) so you can contact each other before coming to school.

The housing assignment process for new students usually takes us several weeks in June and July to complete.  We will take a careful look at the information you have provided and try to accommodate your wishes as closely as possible, although no guarantees can be made.  You will be able to view housing assignment online at the end of  July.