Residential Life

Residential Life

Housing Guide for New Students and Parents

Living with Roommates

Getting to Know Each Other

Your roommate will be the first friend you make at Hamilton.  One of the best aspects of residence hall living is having a roommate.  Roommates come in all shapes, sizes, colors and creeds, and they may have interests and personalities that are very different from yours.  We believe that this relationship is one of the strengths of the Hamilton community.  As the semester progresses, you and your roommate will learn to respect each other’s needs, rights and belongings, and will, hopefully, develop a lasting friendship.

However, you and your roommate may not become the best of friends.  Roommates often find that, although they may not want to spend every minute of the day together, they can still live comfortably together.  If there is ever a problem between you and your roommate that you cannot solve together, your R.A. is always there to help.

The bottom line to a successful relationship with your roommate is clear, considerate, and continuous communication with each other.