Quantitative & Symbolic Reasoning Center

Ben Smith, Director, QSR Center

The QSR Center is located in Christian A. Johnson 303.

The Tutors

The QSR tutors are a group of students who excel in one or more areas of quantitative and symbolic reasoning, including (but not limited to!) math, biology, chemistry, physics, economics and psychology. The QSR tutors represent a wide variety of concentrations and extracurricular involvements.

Here are the tutors for the 2015-16 academic year:

Drop-In Tutors

Caroline Ames '17
Caroline is a double major in Economics and Math. She suffers from a chronic case of writer's block.
Joelle Baer '16
Joelle is from Columbia, Maryland and she is a senior Physics major with Math and Religious Studies minors. Her other interests include neutron beams, laser beams, drinking tea and wondering about how to create a tea beam to add to her beam collection. When not tutoring, expect her to be find her singing or eating vegetables or singing to her vegetables.
John Bennett '16
John is from Amherst, Ohio and is double majoring in chemistry and math. He is a gigantic nerd, loves trivia, and spends his spare time learning organic chemistry, watching Jeopardy!, viewing films (preferably Oscar nominees), playing Trivial Pursuit, and golfing.
Zach Blumenkehl '17
Zach from Montville, NJ, has a double concentration in  chemistry and religious studies. He spends his time tutoring, doing homework, and/or playing with his dog. In his spare time, he enjoys watching Game of Thrones, and he even reads the books that go along with it.
Olivia Box '17
Olivia hails from Groton, MA and is a Biology major with an interest in statistics and ecology. She enjoys long hikes, good books, and snowy days.
Sarah Dimakis '17
Sarah is a math and psychology major from just outside Seattle, Washington. In her free time, she likes to run, listen to music, and eat muffins.
Michelle Fish '17
Michelle is a prospective math major with a minor in either economics or psychology. She is a member of the women's cross country, indoor and outdoor track and field teams, and she loves to ski.
Katie Guzzetta '18
Katie hails from Pittsford, NY and is an intended Biochemistry major. She is a member of Hamilton's Varsity field hockey team and club Nordic ski team, and is very fond of waffles (with banana, of course.)
Emily Hedison '17
Emily, from Acton, MA, is concentrating in math with a minor in public policy. On campus she is a member of the Varsity Women's Rowing team,  a tour guide, and an avid downhill skier. Her celebrity crush is Leslie Knope  and her favorite snack is ants on a log.
Meichen Jin '17
Meichen is from Beijing, China. She majors in Math and minor in Economics, and she is interested in Finance. Her biggest accomplishment over the summer was climbing Kilimanjaro, the roof of Africa.
Ashton Lowenstein '17
Ashton is double majoring in physics and math. His interests include but are not limited to dogs, petting dogs, playing fetch with dogs, the unification of quantum mechanics and general relativity, and having a good time... with dogs.
Emily Morris '17
Emily is from Roxbury, Connecticut. She has a double concentration in Psychology and Hispanic Studies. In her free time, she enjoys participating in philanthropy events around campus and watching “White Collar” on Netflix. When she was younger she modeled for Ralph Lauren.
Kenny Ratliff '16
Kenny is majoring in physics and math. He wishes he was Vonnegut but he's really more of a Sheldon.
Nicole Saitta '16
Nicole is a senior with a geology major and minors in mathematics and biology.  Apart from rocks and numbers, her true passion is soccer, but she also enjoys curling, backpacking, and scuba diving.
Eli Shakun '16
Eli is an economics major with minors in math and geoscience. He enjoys skiing, fishing, and playing ukulele. He has a twin sister and an older brother, but no pets :)
Leah Weaver '17
Leah, from Apex, NC, is a potential chemistry concentrator with a minor in math. She spends most of her time trekking from the dark side to the light side, but otherwise enjoys playing club soccer, curling up in fuzzy chairs, and missing her two cats at home.
Emmerson Zhaime '17
Emmerson is a Math and Computer Science double major from Zimbabwe. No matter how much work he has, Emmerson always finds time to watch an episode of a TV show before he goes to bed.


Individual Tutors

Marta Antoniv '17
Marta hails from Queens, NY and spends a lot of time in the science center creating magical chemical potions, merging her love for chemistry and the wizarding world of Harry Potter. She is a chemistry major and art minor. In addition, Marta enjoys rollerblading, ice skating, playing violin, cutting out intricate paper snowflakes, and making Ukrainian Easter eggs (check out some images).
Cole Bodak '17
Cole lives in Woodbridge, Connecticut. However, he hardly has spent any time there as of late.  Cole is much too busy jet setting to foreign countries on one of his many private jets. His latest travels helped him pick up minors in both French and Chinese. But at the QSR Center, Cole focuses on his first passion – Economics.
Gordon Bogardus '16
Gordon, a math major, is from Woodbridge, CT. Some of his favorite things are music, hiking, and artisanal olive oil, in no particular order.
Micheal Carducci '17
Micheal is from West Hartford, CT, and is majoring in Biochemistry with a minor in Environmental Studies. Outside of the QSR center, he leads for Adirondack Adventure, races for the Alpine Ski Team, and eats almost entirely at the Little Pub.
Kevin Carey '17
Kevin from Greenwich, CT., has a concentration in Physics with a double minor in Math and Econ. He is a football player, an outdoorsman, a comic book enthusiast, and a master Mario Kart racer.
Matthew Dickstein '17
Matt is from New York City.  He is pre-med with a major in economics and a minor in philosophy.  In addition to working for the QSR Center, Matt sings with the Hamiltones, is the drummer for a jazz combo, is a trip leader for Adirondack Adventures, and he runs the Student Performing Arts Club (SPAC).
Ben Drebing '17
Ben is majoring in both math and computer science. He is also part of the Hamilton choir and matheletics team. He orders almost exclusively buffalo chicken wraps at the diner.
Sarah Hoover '18
After much deliberation, Sarah has finally decided to pursue a concentration in mathematics. When she's not busy trying to piece together proofs, she can be found belting old-timey songs in her room, reading Jane Austen novels, drinking iced coffee, or making fake snow angels on the floor of KJ at 2am.
Lauren King '16
Lauren, from Shelburne, VT, has a double major in chemistry and math, with an additional concentration in religious studies. She spends her time training to compete on the Hamilton College Women's Swimming and Diving Team and really enjoys eating ice cream (Ben and Jerry's, of course) and long runs jamming out to T. Swift.
Neema Lema '17
Neema from Mwanza, Tanzania is an Economics major and Italian Studies and Art minor. She is strangely obsessed with planes- particularly the mechanics behind how they operate- even though Physics has never been her strong suit. She rarely misses an opportunity to share an interesting and relevant fun fact when talking to her friends.
Elise LePage '18
Elise plans to be a geoscience and math major. When not doing math, she enjoys knitting and Christmas puzzles.
Spencer Livingstone '16
Spencer is a philosophy major with minors in psychology and comparative literature. He enjoys listening to Karl Pilkington and often wonders if he is currently trapped in a Stephen King novel.
Jose Machado '17
Jose is a dude from the desert lands who is majoring in math and minoring in economics.  He doesn’t like sports-- well, except for badminton.  And math jokes. I think he also likes math jokes.
Teddy McKenna '18
Teddy is from Lexington, Massachusetts. He is planning on majoring in economics and math. He enjoys APDA debate, playing pickup basketball, and watching the NBA.
Yingbin Mei '16
Yingbin from Brooklyn, New York, majors in biochemistry. He studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark during his junior year. Yingbin learned a great deal about Danish culture by immersing himself in clubs and bars. Now, he has a new language -- Danish under his belt although he only retains a few phrases from his Danish language and culture class. He enjoys flying kites and is the president of the kite club. He has a green fluorescent bike so it is easy to spot him when he is zooming in the dark.
Kim Olsen '16
Kim is a neuroscience and classical languages double major from the North Fork of Long Island. She loves cheese, puzzles, nature photography and her three cats (Fiona, Benjamin and Oliver).
Rui Osaka '17
Rui is an Economics major from Tokyo, Japan. She loves playing sports and playing the piano.
Phil Parkes '17
Phil from Camillus, NY., is majoring in history with minors in economics and "a love/hate relationship with his favorite musical instrument, the cello."  On campus, he leads the hard-charging Powder Club and tutors in all things logic.  Phil spends his free time playing golf and hanging out with the extremely selective frisbee society, kEITH.
Bella Schøning '16
Bella is from Woodbury, NJ but is also a dual citizen with Denmark! She is double majoring in Physics and Russian and no - she does not wish to become a russian astronaut spy (although maybe she already is but can't tell us). Bella is captain of the varsity tennis team and enjoys long walks in Glen, fro-yo from Hoopla, and friends. Last year she spent 7 months studying in St. Petersburg, Russia.
 T Tesfaye '16
Tsion is a math major with a minor in physics and educational studies. She likes to play with numbers while listening to country music.