We have been making modifications to WebAdvisor to make the information more useful.  Read through for a summary of the new features you can find.

1. Sections now show 2 numbers for capacity. 

Current Cap and Full Cap.Current Cap - Some courses have set aside seats for certain class years.  In order to stop registrations when a class has filled their allotted seats, we set a Current Cap which reflects the total number of seats available through the current registering class window.  This number is changed after the class time window ends, and before the next class registration begins.

Full Cap - This is the total number of seats that the course will accommodate, regardless of the number saved for a class.  When reading the section information, you should look at the Full Cap to determine what the final enrollment for the course can be.

2.  Class specific seats are listed in the section information.  Below the Avail/Current Cap./Full Cap./Waitlist numbers, the seats reserved for each class year are listed.  If no numbers appear, then there are no seats saved for a specific class year.  The course may still have other restrictions, please check the Restrictions information.

3. Registration Restrictions are restrictions placed on the course by the faculty or department.  The restriction may limit the course to certain majors or a particular class year.  The complete list of restrictions can be found in the printed schedule booklet, or in WebAdvisor by clicking on the section title.  On the Section information Screen that opens, the restriction will display below the course description, just above the Meeting Information.  It is helpful to check the Restrictions while you look at courses to be sure you aren't going to to try to register for a course you are not eligible to register for.

4. Book information accessible from Section Information.  When you click on the Section Title and get to the Section Information page, you can find a link to the Bookstore.  Here, any books for the course that are on file with the Bookstore will be available to view.

Key Dates
Important Deadlines

Key Dates

Aug. 24: classes begin
Sept. 1: last day to add a course
Sept. 15: last day to exercise credit/no credit option
Oct. 11: last day to declare leave of absence for fall 2017
Oct. 18: last day to drop a course
Dec. 8: classes end
Dec. 11-15: final exams

Contact Information

Registrar's Office

Elihu Root House
198 College Hill Road
Clinton, N.Y. 13323

Mon.-Fri.: 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
315-859-4637 315-859-4632 regofc@hamilton.edu
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