Off-Campus Study

Office of Off-Campus Study
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The Office of Off-Campus Study is located in Christian A. Johnson 105.

Predeparture Resources

Foreign Exposure

Outbound Students: If you are a student considering study abroad, look for announcements for foreign exposure get-togethers, at which you can talk to students who’ve already been there.  Once you declare your intention to study abroad, you’ll also be connected with a study abroad mentor who can answer questions and help you to better prepare for your time abroad.

Returning Students: If you recently returned from study abroad and you loved it, volunteer for foreign exposure. There are two levels of involvement.  If you only have an hour or two, you can be a foreign exposure host and share your experiences at an information session. If you are willing to answer emails and meet with outbound students once or twice, be a foreign exposure mentor!

Foreign Exposure Hosts

Foreign exposure sponsors informational foreign exposure hours at which two to three returning or international students meet for an hour or two with students planning their study abroad in a particular county.  Hosts just have to be willing to talk to peers who studied in the same country and people who drop by, and possibly share your pictures, souvenirs or other interesting information with them.  We try to schedule foreign exposure at a regular meeting time (for instance, Fridays at noon), but we can also be flexible if hosts and cannot do so at the scheduled time.

Foreign Exposure Mentors

Mentors’ names and emails are shared with students who declare their plan to study in the same program or host country.  In addition to answering questions by email, mentors are strongly encouraged to organize a group meeting with mentees to offer extra support.  Mentors might also want to start a Facebook group page to discuss questions with mentees.  Mentors will be asked to be available to meet with their mentees following the scheduled predeparture meeting, if at all possible, however this is not mandatory.

Outbound students really want to hear from returnees about everything from packing, to academic and cultural differences, to adjusting to being back home.  Fill out the form below to join foreign x\exposure and/or volunteer as a study abroad mentor!

How Do I Join?


Just fill out the foreign exposure form on line or send us the one you got in your college mailbox.  We'll contact you and other students interested in sharing information about the same country to schedule a mutually convenient time.

If you're back from study abroad, you know you benefited from some foreign exposure—share your expertise and experiences with others!  If you're planning to go, be sure to talk to those who've already done it!