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Chachimbira, Ibarra Province. L to R: Hanna Kingston, Annie Emanuels, Andrew Jillings, Alex Doig, Clair Stover, and Lindsey Luker.
Outing Club Members Explore Ecuador

Over winter break, members of the Hamilton Outing Club joined Director Andrew Jillings in Ecuador for three weeks of trekking, hiking, waiting out the rain and exploring the rainforest. Clair Stover ’14, Hanna Kingston ’15, Lindsey Luker ’15, Annie Emanuels ’16, Alex Doig ’16 and Jillings began the trip with a five-day trek around Piñan, a remote village tucked among the Andes.  More ...

Edgar deals with the breakdown of the 31-year-old Land Cruiser.
The Ascent of Cayambe - Ecuador, Part III

This is part III of the story of the Hamilton Outing Club's winter break trip to Ecuador.

The next day the mountaineering portion of the trek began, and we prepared to hike Cayambe and Cotopaxi, two glaciated volcanoes of 18,996 feet and 19,344 feet respectively.  More ...

Members of the Hamilton Outing Club on top of Rucu Pichincha over winter break.
Hamilton Outing Club Conquers Ecuador

The Hamilton Outing Club spent three weeks of winter break making their sixth trip to the mountains of Ecuador. Ecuador has more ecosystems than any other country in the world, and the nine members of the group visited many of them, from the Amazon rainforest all the way up to glaciated, volcanic peaks. Dani Forshay ’11 was among the students on the trip, and over the course of four entries will share her impressions and memories.   More ...