American Banker Magazine Intern Olusade Oyalowo ’14 Pens Cover Story

Olusade Oyalowo '14
Olusade Oyalowo '14

Olusade Oyalowo ’14 spent the summer as an intern at American Banker Magazine and ended up with a bylined cover article as a result.

Oyalowo wrote a profile titled “Social Dynamic; Bianca Buckridee is helping the largest U.S. bank get a handle on social media.” Buckridee was working as a relationship manager at SunTrust in 2009 and rose to the position of assistant vice president for social media there before she became social media operations manager for the retail brand of Chase, the largest bank in the country, in February. 

And much like Buckridee at Chase, Oyalowo kind of fell into her position because officially, she didn’t even apply to American Banker. Oyalowo explained, “During my search for summer internships, I applied to a series of magazines and editorial internships in New York City and one of the companies that I had applied to had sent my resume over to Heather Landy, the editor-in-chief of American Banker. Heather had called me during finals week and said that she had gotten a bunch of resumes from this company but mine really stood out the most,” Oyalowo said. “She said that she would love to have me work there for the summer and offered me an internship position.”

As an American Banker intern, Oyalowo worked in the newsroom with Landy and the rest of the editorial team. “My main job consisted of helping Heather with the magazine’s annual Women in Banking issue which features the top 25 women in banking and finance,” Oyalowo recalled. “I helped with the application process through filing and organizing all the applications. I also had a chance to write weekly news briefs for the magazine’s People blog, fact check articles, and write the cover story for the September issue,” she explained.  “I was really surprised when Heather asked me to write the cover story for the magazine but she had complete faith in my writing abilities and I'm glad she did!”

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