overview video
Educating Students to Be Fully Human
The importance of the arts at Hamilton College
video 2
Natural Curiosity
A 1972 alumnus recounts a career in glass
video 3
The Beautiful Fusion of Elements
Hamilton students explain the interplay of art and science
video 4
Working Metaphorically With Reality
Hamilton helped this 1973 alumnus picture his career
video 5
In Conversation with the World
A Hamilton student and professor discuss how
art creates "meaning-makers"
video 6
Learning Who You Are in the World
Helping students express themselves in new ways
video 7
How to Look
at Art

A 1992 alumna describes the importance of a teaching gallery
video 8
Reverberant Questioning
A 1964 alumnus was so moved by a famous painting that now he owns it
video 9
A Mixed-Message
A long-time professor describes the arts as a way to model creative thinking
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