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Fall 2010Fall 2010

Horror and Hope in Haiti


After the island nation was ravaged by an earthquake in January, the writer, a CNN producer, was on a plane there the next day — not simply to cover “the assignment of a lifetime,” but to return to the place of her birth and childhood. There, her “dedication as a newswoman” and her “emotions as a daughter of Haiti” would meet, amid scenes of suffering, compassion and courage. More ...

Chipping Away at Cataclysmic Riddles


Barbara Tewksbury, the Upson Chair for Public Discourse and professor of geosciences, studies geological upheavals such as volcanoes and earthquakes with advanced technology and research techniques, but her subjects are in some ways ancient archetypes: fire and ice. More ...

Where Credit’s Due


When supporters point to women’s lacrosse Coach Patty Kloidt as the reason for her team’s rise to a 2008 national championship and perennial dominance, she points to her players and others. And therein, perhaps, lies the secret of her success. More ...  

Spring 2010

The Diversity of Diversity

By Allison Eck '12

How do we define our differences, and why do they matter? With campus diversity a topic of frequent — and sometimes intense — discussion, we asked a sampling of students, teachers and administrators to share their thoughts on the issue and the word itself. More ...

Meet the New Boss

By Carrie Zuberbuhler Kennedy '90

The ultimate fast-track job may be the one you stay at home to do — parenting. Some Hamiltonians who have taken that path are glad they did, and two alumni experts say the liberal arts can be perfect training for a career as Mom or Dad. More ...

Work Hard, Play Hard and LOL

Students' online journals offer prospective students and their parents a more detailed look at life on the Hill, but they've also become a popular source of insight, inspiration and goofy wit. Think naked opera, or parodies of algebra proofs, or being surprised by a letter you sent to yourself. More ...

Fall 2010 Alumni Review coverFall-Winter 2009

Mac Bristol: Honoring the Man and the Legacy

The chairman emeritus, called "our College's heart and soul" by President Stewart, leaves an unparalleled record of service, leadership, generosity and vision that has shaped today's Hamilton and sets the standard for tomorrow's. More ...

Top of the Food Chain

They majored in such fields as history, philosophy, American studies and women's studies, but along the way these alumni cooked up a batch of culinary skills and credentials so impressive that they're now turning out some of the most exquisite dishes in the world of fine food. More ...

When Hollywood Came to the Hill

Forty years ago, the film The Sterile Cuckoo — based on the novel by John Nichols '62 — put the Hamilton campus on the big screen, launched Liza Minnelli's movie career and gave scores of students a pretty good reason to throw a very big party. More ...

Alumni Review - Summer 2009Summer 2009

Thirteen Ways of Looking at the Chapel

You logged countless hours there, you walked past daily, you heard the stories, you saw the evening glow from afar. So you know all you need to know about the College's best-known landmark, right? Maybe not. More ...

Odd Jobs

When the conversation gets around to "What do you do for a living?" these alumni need a little time to explain. Whether careers or sidelights, they're engaged in work that's well off the beaten path. More ...

What They Saw There

We asked the five student photographers honored in the most recent Worldview Photo Contest to share their winning pictures, all taken during study abroad, and the stories behind them. You'll be impressed on both fronts. More ...

Alumni Review - Spring 2009Spring 2009

Buff, Blue and Green

This issue of the Alumni Review looks at sustainability on the Hill and beyond from four perspectives: how faculty and curriculum focus on the environment; how campus operations and the physical plant are working to shrink Hamilton's "carbon footprint"; how students are involving themselves in environmental issues; and what alumni are doing in the professional sphere to shape the planet's future.
More ...

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