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Fall 2004

Words to Live By

When Dick Couper '44 delivered the Class & Charter Day address last spring, he became the first to do so for the third time. To celebrate that milestone, here are a few selections from other memorable Class & Charter Day speeches. More ...

Alexander Hamilton the Writer

By Donald Challenger

From the pen of Alexander Hamilton poured pages upon pages of persuasive prose that would shape political discourse in a fledgling nation. More ...

Role Reversal

By Alexandra Sear '05

Alumni may recognize these professors as mentors, stellar teachers and experts in their fields. Here's a look at them from another angle -- as students themselves who realize it's never too late to learn something new. More ...

Spring-Summer 2004

That's My Club!

By Jennifer Kostka '04

Remember reading the latest campus news in The Spectator, attending a Buffers or Special K concert, or finding your senior photo in The Hamiltonian? Although many of Hamilton's more than 100 student-run clubs and organizations go back decades, each year new initiatives begin and others dissolve reflecting ever-changing student interests. More ...

You Are What You Eat

By Donald Challenger

Students in the new sophomore seminar Food for Thought take an interdisciplinary look at the smorgasbord of issues surrounding an experience common to us all. More ...

What a Find!

By Roy Schecter '73

Meet Leslie and Leigh Keno '79, hosts of the hit television series Find!. What more would you expect from twin brothers who announced at the age of 12, "We are antique dealers"? More ...

Winter 2004

The Science of Teaching Science

By Cynthia Berger

Hamilton's new Science Center will provide professors and students with some of the most state-of-the-art facilities and equipment at any liberal arts college in the country. But the wat science is taught at Hamilton has already shifted, and the College is emerging as a national leader with its philosophy that students learn science by doing science. More ...

Science in the Streets

By Cynthia Berger

Science at Hamilton doesn't just happen in the classrooms and labs -- it spills into the community where students connect abstract ideas with concrete issues. The result is research projects that have "real-world" public policy implications. More ...

Eureka Moments

By Sharon Rippey, Holly Foster and Stacey Himmelberger

Breakthrough treatments for cancer, new forms of energy, clues to unraveling the mysteries of the brain -- these are just a few of the discoveries made by Hamilton alumni scientists. We selected nine alumni whose "eureka moments" significantly advanced the body of knowledge in their respective fields. More ...

Fall 2003

The Student of History

By Geoffrey Precourt '70

Thirty-four years after he left Hamilton, A.G. Lafley '69 has turned around one of the world's most respected companies. No doubt, Digger Graves would be surprised . . . and pleased.  More ...

Essays That Worked

Before filing into Kirkland Cottage to sign Hamilton's official matriculation book, each member of the Class of 2007 began his or her journey to the Hill by making a positive impression during the college admission process. For many, that included crafting a well-written, memorable personal essay. We thought we'd share a few. More ...

The Making of Hamilton's Budget

By Vige Barrie

"Managing the College finances is a continual exercise in balancing competing priorities," said Karen Leach, Hamilton's vice president of administration and finance. Here's a look at the factors that influence the College's financial decision making and the process behind shaping the budget. More ...

Summer 2003

A Woman of Well-Chosen Words

By Mike Debraggio

A distinguished teacher, scholar and dean, Joan Hinde Stewart personifies Hamilton's enduring value of effective communication. Meet the College's 19th president -- described by one colleague as a woman who "sincerely believes in the power of education to change the world." More ...

A Walk Through History

For a group of Hamilton sophomores, the best lessons about the impact of World War II were learned by walking the beaches and touring the battle sites of Normandy. We asked a few to share their reflections in these journal excerpts. More ...

Forever Teachers

By Rebecca Downing Costello '91

In honor of Sidney Wertimer's 50th year in the classroom (he just couldn't stay away even after "retiring" in 1991), here's a look at how a few of Hamilton's professors emeriti are spending their golden years. More ...

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