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Fall-Winter 2012Fall-Winter 2012

Deciphering the Code


Hamilton’s Honor Code turns 100 in an age when technology has revolutionized the cheating game and the very notion of “honor” has come to seem old-fashioned, even naïve. Yet by all accounts, Hamilton’s code remains a powerful force for — if not always a guarantee of — academic integrity. Its secret? Students created it and continue to direct and enforce it. More ...

A Moving Experience


Some transform it into “a temple of awesomeness”; others see it as a reflection of themselves, a space in which to create, or a comfort zone for self and friends. But from the time students arrive on campus until that moment, weeks later, when they finally, truly, settle in, residence hall rooms are always more than just a place to put stuff. More ...

Shining Light on the Wellin

The dedication of the Ruth and Elmer Wellin Museum of Art signals a new era in the life of the imagination on the Hill, combining elegant exhibition space with innovative open storage, flexible classrooms and a strong interdisciplinary spirit. And during Fallcoming, it turned out to be a great place for a party as well. More ...

Summer 2012Summer 2012

The Man Who Taught Brains to Storm


Alexander Osborn may not be a household name, but as the creator of brainstorming more than 60 years ago and the author of many books on creativity and business innovation, he may be the most influential member of the illustrious Class of 1909. Now, how­ever, his best-known idea has come under fire from some researchers. More ...

Men of Letters


For 40 years, the ABC House and its young scholars — who come to Clinton from underserved neighborhoods and schools — have stood as a symbol of what is possible when campus and community come together. Through the decades more than 90 ABC students have finished Clinton High School and gone on to leading colleges and universities. More ...

What They Saw There

Each year the Worldview Photo Contest, featuring the photographic and written work of students studying abroad, provides the Hamilton community with remarkable glimpses of other cultures and distant landscapes. The Alumni Review last published Worldview photos in 2009, and we return this year with a renewed sense of a complex, diverse global community. More ...

Spring 2012

Josie Jones '12 and her Bicentennial Bloodline


A senior and her family discover an astonishing family connection that reaches back two centuries to the chartering of the College. More ...

Seldom–Told Tales

Alumni accomplishments, asides, anecdotes, tall tales and fascinating footnotes: We’ve plucked a few at random from Hamilton’s 200 years, and we’ll continue the stories online. More ...

Life’s Work


The Maurice Horowitch Career Center is expanding its mission by engaging more students earlier in their four years on the Hill. More ...

200 Days in the Life of the College

August 2010 - May 2011

This special bicentennial issue of the Hamilton Alumni Review puts aside the magazine’s regular format of features and departments in order to document 200 days on (and occasionally off) the Hill. Stories were contributed by student writers assisted by alumni mentors. Student photographers also played a major part in creating the issue. Together, their work links Hamilton past and present.

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Spring 2011

Bicentennial Initiatives

The College embarks on a campaign to support its new need-blind admission policy, build new arts and theatre facilities and strengthen the Annual Fund. Why these, and why now? Campaign Chair Jeff Little ’71 explains the priorities and the mission behind them. More ...

Hitting His Stride

BY Dick Patrick ’72

Those who have followed distance runner Peter Kosgei ’11 through his nine national titles may equate that graceful stride with easy victories. They’d be wrong. In competition and in class, Kosgei is all about pushing himself to the limit. More ...

Burke Turns the Page


The library is always a work in progress, and never more so than in the digital era. But the obituaries for paper and ink are premature, librarians say; the point isn’t the technology, it’s the information and how to access it best. More ...

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