Fall 2007

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Fall 2007

From the Hill to the World

In the Peace Corps' 46 years of existence, 206 Hamiltonians have served the international organization. Each of their stories is unique, but there is a common thread: They learned to win small battles and change the world one life at a time.

Fall 2007

Le Debut

A Peace Corps volunteer's memoir of service in Togo, Africa, poses wrenching questions about the value of what she could accomplish: "many trials and probably few triumphs." But she found that in the midst of suffering, hope survived nonetheless.

The Web 2.0 We Weave

Cell phones, Facebook, YouTube, Blackboard, instant messaging, P2P — does anyone on the Hill actually have a face-to-face conversation anymore? Social networking technology — so-called "Web 2.0"— is indeed transforming some elements of campus culture, but at least we haven't become the Borg yet. (And for help with that, try Wikipedia.)

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