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Other Hamilton buildings named in honor of...

Anderson-Connell Alumni Center: Molly and Joseph F.Anderson '44, who served for 18 years as Hamilton's vice president for communications and development; Clancy D. Connell '12, first chair of the modern Alumni Council.

Bristol Pool: William M. Bristol, Jr. '17, Alumni Association president, longtime trustee and a fourth-generation Hamiltonian.

Burke Library: Daniel Burke, Class of 1893 and, for more than five decades, a college trustee and board chairman, succeeding Elihu Root.

Carnegie Residence Hall: Businessman and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, whose interest in supporting the College was aroused by Elihu Root.

Christian Johnson Hall: Christian A. Johnson, a utility company executive and philanthropist whose foundation provided funds for the building's renovation.

Couper Hall: Edgar W. Couper '20, a fifth generation Hamiltonian, onetime chancellor of the New York State Board of Regents and College trustee.

Dunham Residence Hall: Rev. Moses E. Dunham, Class of 1847, father of Utica newspaper editor George E. Dunham, Class of 1879.

Eells House: Samuel Eells, Class of 1832, founder of the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity.

Emerson Hall: Formerly the Emerson Literary Society named in honor of author and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Ferguson House: Mildred and Leonard C. Ferguson '19, a College trustee, Alumni Council chair and one of three family members associated with the Delta Upsilon fraternity at Hamilton.

Ferry Adminstration Building: Anna C. and Frederick C. Ferry, 10th president of Hamilton College.

Horowitch Career Center: Maurice Horowitch, businessman and father of Sheldon Horowitch '48.

Howard Diner: Robert G. Howard '46, longtime Hamilton trustee.

Wallace Johnson House (a.k.a Wally J): Wallace B. "Wally" Johnson '15, longtime secretary of the College.

Keehn Residence Hall: Grant Keehn '21, an insurance company executive and longtime trustee of both Kirkland and Hamilton, having served as a board chairman.

Kirkland Residence Hall: Samuel Kirkland (see Kirkland

Kirner-Johnson Building: Juvanta H. and Walter R. Kirner, parents of Stephen Harper Kirner '52 and supporters of Kirkland College; V. Edgar Johnson, businessman and Kirkland trustee.

List Art Center: Vera G. and Albert A. List, philanthropists and collectors of art.

McEwen Dining Hall: Marjorie and Robert Ward McEwen, 14th president of Hamilton College.

Milbank Hall: Elizabeth Milbank, an educational philanthropist who established the Milbank Foundation.

Rogers Estate: Former family home of Philip V. Rogers '30, longtime professor of biology.

Root Farmhouse: Formerly part of the "homestead" of the family of Elihu Root.

Root Hall: Oren "Cube" Root, Class of 1833, longtime professor of mathematics.

Molly Root House: Former family home of Molly and Elihu Root III '36.

Root Residence Hall: Grace C. and Edward W. Root, Class of 1905, who taught art on the Hill from 1920–40.

Rudd Health Center: Thomas Brown Rudd '21, who served as Hamilton's 13th president, fourtime acting president, trustee and controller.

Sage Rink: Russell Sage, financier and railroad magnate, whose widow included Hamilton among numerous philanthropic causes.

Skenadoa House: Oneida Indian chief and friend of Samuel Kirkland.

Spencer House: Philip Spencer, a founder of the Chi Psi fraternity.

Wellin Performance Hall: Carol Woodhouse Wellin, wife of Keith Wellin '50, a longtime trustee.

Wertimer House: Named in honor of Eleanor and Sidney Wertimer, longtime dean and professor of economics.

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