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Minor Theater

Clark H. Minor, class of 1902, never missed an opportunity to express his devotion to Hamilton. In a 1959 interview with a reporter from the “Talk of the Town” section of The New Yorker, Minor began by telling the questioner, “I’m a very busy man. Among other things, I’m chairman of the board of trustees of Hamilton College…”

President of the International General Electric Co. from 1922-45, Minor established marketing and industrial corporations for the electric industry throughout the world. Among his foreign decorations were the Crown of Italy (1929), the Order of the Rising Sun (Japan, 1934), the Order of the Republic (Spain, 1935) and the Legion of Honor (France, 1936). He served as a College trustee from 1927-63, the last 18 years as chairman.

During his long tenure, he was often called upon to discuss economic ideas with students, faculty members and trustees. He always used a silver dollar to demonstrate the merits of private investment. He claimed the dollar had been given to him by his father and that he had kept it since he was a child. Actually, whenever he was going to give this particular talk on the Hill, an administrator was dispatched in advance to the Hayes National Bank to pick up his “special” coin.

Minor’s generosity led to the creation of Minor Theater in 1962. The renovations gave new life to the building, which first opened in 1872 as a library and later served as an infirmary and dormitory for the overflow of girls visiting the Hill for houseparties.

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