Gilbert Reid, 1857-1927 (Papers)

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Gilbert Reid, 1857-1927 (Papers)


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Creator: Reid, Gilbert, 1857-1927
Title: Papers
Quantity: 9 Boxes (8.25 linear feet)
Identification: 0000.7
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Rev. Gilbert Reid was born in Laurel, NY in 1857 and died in Shanghai, China on 30 September 1927. He attended Whitestown Seminary (1875 graduate), then Hamilton College (A.B., 1879, A.M., 1888, and D.D., 1899), and Union Theological Seminary (1882 graduate). His missionary work in China began in 1882 and he established the International Institute of China (I.I.C.) located in Shanghai in 1894. The institute served as a meeting place for Chinese and foreigners and a educational facility for christian missions. Reid was also the editor of the Peking Post. During the war he was deported to Manila at the request of the Chinese government on the accusation of being a pro-German propagandist and sympathizer, returning to Shanghai in 1921.


Contains professional correspondences of the I.I.C. to philanthropists (e.g. Carnegie and Rockefeller) and missionary organizations in the U.S. as well as other nations regarding support of the Institute; the journals, publications, manuscripts, sermons and addresses of Reid; newspaper clippings regarding Reid and life in China; volumes II through XVI of The International Journal of the I.I.C.; minutes of the meeting of the trustees of the I.I.C.; the visitor's book of the I.I.C.; legal documents regarding Reid's sedition trial. The letters of John G. Reid are also included in this collection.

Organized chronologically and by subject and media (e.g., personal journals, newspapers, correspondences, published journals).


Indexing Terms

American Association of China, Journal of the
American Unitarian Association
British and Foreign Bible Society
Bronson, Oliver Hart
Butler, Nicholas M.
Carman, William W.
Carnegie, Andrew -- Philanthropy -- Missions
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Carter, Edward C.
China, Captive or Free
China -- History -- 20th Century
China -- History -- Boxer Rebellion
China Who's Who 1927, The
Dawson, Miles M.
Dodge, Cleveland H.
Eliot, Charles W.
Ellis, Francis
Hoeter, M.
International Conciliation -- October 1910
International Institute of China
International Institute of China -- Minutes of the Meeting of the Trustees
International Journal, The
James, Arthur Cutriss
Loomis, Charles F.
New York Peace Society, The
Parker, R.A.
Peet, Edward W.
Peking Post
Rockefeller, John D. -- Philanthropy -- Missions
Russell Sage Foundation
Sheppard, George W.
Tung, Robert Ho
United States -- History -- 20th Century -- World War I
Universal Races Congress, First -- July 1911
World Conference on Peace and Order
World Peace Foundation
Yale in China


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