Wallace Bradley Johnson, 1892-1967 (Papers, 1899-1965)

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Wallace Bradley Johnson, 1892-1967 (Papers, 1899-1965)


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Creator: Johnson, Wallace Bradley, 1892-1967
Title: Papers, 1899-1965
Quantity: 1 Box (1 linear foot)
Identification: 0000.2
Location: Box Shelves


Wallace Bradley Johnson was born in Utica, NY on 13 September 1892 and died in Clinton, NY on 29 August 1967, a Hamilton College graduate of the class of 1915 (Ph.B.). He was also graduated from Utica Free Academy and received an honorary L.H.D. from Hamilton in 1962. He attended Harvard Business School for a year before serving as an ambulance driver for the French Army and from 1918-20 an ensign in the U.S. Navy (Intelligence), then a reporter for the Utica Daily Press. He returned to Hamilton in 1922 where he served as Field Secretary for the Admissions Office, Director of Admissions, Registrar, and Secretary of the College.


Contains personal correspondences with many individuals over seven decades; primary senders include his father J.J. Johnson, Aunt Clara, George E. Dunham, Sidney Bennett, Robert Treat, Herman Schilz and Peter Cox. Also included are correspondences with the class of 1915 for the 20th reunion and a small number of professional correspondences.

Organized into 10 series: (1) Class of 1915 20th Reunion Correspondences; (2) Professional Correspondences; (3) 1900s Correspondences; (4) 1910s Correspondences; (5) 1920s Correspondences; (6A and B) 1930s Correspondences; (7A and B) 1940s Correspondences; (8) 1950s Correspondences; (9A and B) 1960s Correspondences; (10) Notebooks of listing of Christmas Cards Sent and personal letters.


The organization and content of the Wallace B. Johnson Papers was disturbed by library staff. When this description was written the contents were organized by decade.

Indexing Terms

Bennet, Sidney
Bristol, William MacLaren, Jr.
Clark, William B.
Cowley, William H.
Cox, Peter T.
Dunham, George E.
Eddy, Willard B.
Fancher, Paul A.
Ferry, Frederick Carlos
Goddard, A. J. (Jack)
Gould, Seabury S.
Hamilton College -- Class of 1915
Hamilton College -- Director of Admission
Hamilton College -- Field Secretary of the Admissions Office
Hamilton College -- Johnson, Wallace B. House
Hamilton College -- Registrar
Hamilton College -- Secretary of the College
Johnson, J.J.
Lyons, J.B.
Marquardt, Frederick S.
McCoy, Frederick R.
Ristine, Frank H.
Schilz, Herman Frederick
Thomas, D. Maynard
Treat, Robert L.


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