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William Washington Farwell Papers


Basic Information

Creator: Farwell, William Washington
Title: Papers
Identification: 0000.18
Location: Alumni Biographical Files (0000.182)


This collection contains correspondences primarily from W.W. Farewell to his father, brother, and a friend during the 1840s and 50s, including W.W. Farewell's journey to California during the Gold Rush. Also included is a photograph of W.W. Farwell and a map of the route he took to California.

The following is a listing of the correspondences:

10 June 1848 To Father, Chicago, IL (T)

20 March 1849, To B.F. Farewell, Chicago, IL, CA (T)

19 October 1849, To B.F. Farewell, San Francisco, CA (T)

19 October 1849, To DeWolfe, San Francisco, CA (T)

13 July 1850, To Father, San Francisco, CA

5 September, 1850, To Father, At Sea (T)

5 October 1850, To Father, Panama (T)

8 November 1850, To Father, New York, NY (T)

2 August 1853, To W.W. Farewell, From A.S. Warner, Sam Abbott, DH Frost, Hamilton, NY

11 April 1862, To Father (John), Chicago, IL (T only) Fragment


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