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2009 Hamilton College Environmental Survey

This data set contains a nationally representative sample of 2,300 U.S. citizens. Questions in the survey elicit attitudes towards the environment and environmental policy, behaviors that affect the environment, and detailed questions on social networks. The survey was conducted in August 2009.
Survey Questions [download pdf]
Summary Statistics  [download pdf]
Survey Methods [download pdf]
Data:  The data can be downloaded in Stata format from the link below. 
[download data in Stata format] (right click to save file)

The Stata data set contains variable labels that can be matched to the questions on the survey instrument.  If you would like the data in another format, please e-mail Ann Owen (aowen@hamilton.edu).  
This data can be linked to the responses in the American National Election Studies Panel. 
Use of this data should be cited as follows:
Conover, Emily, Stephen Ellingson, Ann L. Owen, Julio Videras, and Stephen Wu, 2009 Hamilton College Environmental Survey.