Arthur Levitt Public Affairs Center

Student-Led Activities

Think Tank Topics 2008-09

  • Professor Michael "Doc" Woods, "Saving America's Music"
  • Professor Bonnie Urciuoli, "The Shifting Meanings of 'Culture' and 'Diversity'" 
  • Professor Russell Marcus, "'On Jokes' or 'what makes jokes funny, and some observations about political power and being a Jew in America'"
  • Professor Carl Rubino, "'A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away': Star Wars and Ancient Myth"
  • Dean Joseph Urgo, "Drafting Hamilton's Strategic Plan: A Community Project"
  • Professor Nigel Westmaas, "Walter Rodney, 'groundings' and the legacy of scholar-activism"
  • Professor Morgan Marietta, "On the Election "
  • Professor Delia Aguilar, "Are We Past the 'Feminist Moment'?" 
  • Professor S. Brent Plate, "The Altar and the Screen: Mythmaking and Filmmaking"
  • Professors Shoshana Keller and Anjela Peck, "Middle East/Islamic studies at Hamilton: what do students want? What can faculty do?"
  • Professor Chiara Sulprizio, "Political Humor: Just a Joke?" 
  • Professor Rebecca Murtaugh, "Consuming the Quotidian"
  • Carolyn Carpan, "Sisters, Schoolgirls and Sleuths: Girls' Series Books in America"
  • Professor Ann Owen, "Student Course Evaluations"
  • Professor Esther Kanipe and Jennifer Karl '09, "Accessibility at Hamilton"
  • Professor Phil Klinkner and the Hamilton Democrats, "Obama's First 100 Days in Office"