Arthur Levitt Public Affairs Center

Student-Led Activities

2007-08 Think Tank Topics

  • Marianne Janack, Philosophy: "Everyone Knows that C is the Average Grade"
  • Natalia Connolly, Physics: "Dark Matter -What Is It?"
  • Donald Carter, Africana Studies: "Jena 6"
  • Robin Kinnel, Chemistry: "The Financial Times Crossword"
  • Alan Kim, Philosophy: "Phenomenology"
  • Robert Simon, Philosophy: "The Ethics of Sport and Performance Enhancing Drugs"
  • Al Kelly, History: "The Joys of Collecting Quotations"
  • Dan Chambliss, Sociology: "Is College Worth this Price?  Accountability and What It Might Do"
  • Russell Marcus, Philosophy:  "Why Do Pigs Eat ...Poop?"
  • Steve Yao, Asian American studies: "'Ethnic Studies' at Hamilton"
  • Jenny Irons: "Can Whiteness be Dismantled?"
  • Susan Mason: "Who Should Decide What Gets Taught in America's Public Schools?"
  • Katheryn Doran: "Trolleyology:  What Is It and Why Does It Matter?"
  • Gordon Jones: "The Bed of Nails and Other Freaky Things about Pressure"
  • Sally Cockburn: "Is Mathematics Only In Our Heads, or Does It Exist 'Out There' in the Real World, Independently of Us?"
  • Katharine Kuharic: visit to her studio to discuss how her paintings, watercolors, and drawings are made
  • Franklin Sciacca and David Gapp: "The 1812 Garden:  Recreating a Kitchen Garden in Celebration of Hamilton College's Bicentennial"
  • Peter Rabinowitz: "Why Read Marcel Proust?"
  • Stu Hirshfield: "The Changing Face of Interface"