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The Levitt Center is located in Kirner-Johnson 251.

Faculty-Student Collaboration

Surveys Involving Students in Current Issues

Surveys have been undertaken annually on various topics by the Levitt Center through the auspices of the Levitt Council in order to give students some "real world" experience in designing and conducting preliminary attitude polls.  Knowledge Networks and Zogby International conducted the final polls.


Hamilton College National Youth Poll Following 2012 Election

Hamilton students Nick Anastasi, Jack Cartwright, Matthew Creeden, Will Rusche, Jesse Stinebring, and Hashem Zikry, under the supervision of Professor Klinkner, conducted a national poll on partisan attitudes toward the Fall Presidential election results and President Obama. Going into the 2012 election, both Democrats and Republicans expressed concerns about the fairness of the election. Only 15 percent of Republicans and 19 percent of Democrats were very confident that the election would be decided fairly. After the election, fears about voter fraud abated among Democrats but skyrocketed among Republicans, with 58 percent of Republicans not confident at all about the fairness of the election. More...

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Hamilton College National Youth Poll on Poverty and Policy

December 12, 2011
An often ignored demographic group, American young people, say that the top two causes of poverty are a lack of jobs (83.7 percent) followed by a lack of health insurance (64.3 percent) according to a new national survey of young Americans’ attitudes on poverty, released on Dec. 12. More than two thirds (67.7 percent) also cited the growing incomes of the wealthiest people as negatively affecting the quality of life of those with lower incomes. The full results of this survey are available online and were presented by webcast at www.hamilton.edu/poverty. Almost three-quarters of respondents (73.8 percent) intend to vote in next year’s presidential elections. More...

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Hamilton College National Youth Poll on Race, Ethnicity, and Religion

May 11, 2011
The Levitt Center funded a survey of young people’s attitudes toward race, ethnicity, and religion in the spring of 2011 by students in Professor Phillip Klinker’s Survey Research seminar.  In recent years, the topics of race, ethnicity, and religion have played increasingly important roles as Americans have grappled with the diversification of American life. Indeed, a quick survey of the headlines--from the controversy over an Islamic cultural center in New York City, to debates over immigration, to continuing misinformation about President Obama’s citizenship and religion--indicates the relevance of these issues to contemporary politics. More . . .

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The Hamilton College National Youth Poll on U.S. Economy

April 29, 2010
The survey of high school students' attitudes toward the U.S. economy and the performance of President Obama revealed significant difference in attitudes on both issues between African-American and white teens. Two-thirds of African-American teenagers believe they'll be more prosperous than their parents. In contrast, a little more than a third of white students believe their standard of living will be better than their parents. More ...

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