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HOC members have access to all gear room rentals. The membership fee is $10/year, and it is waived for students who participated in Adirondack Adventure for their first year.

Ten dollars a year doesn't get you much these days, unless you spend it on an Outing Club membership. I can remember when ten dollars would get you a day's skiing at Killington, a lobster dinner, a new set of poles and there'd STILL be change to go to the moving picture show.

Membership in the Outing Club entitles you to all the rentals your little heart desires, at no extra charge.*

The exception to this are cross country skis. These require an additional $60 deposit (cash, check or the new-fangled Hillcard) which will be returned to you when you bring back the goods (we don't cash the check or run the card).

Rentals are on a two week contract. We'll email you after two weeks and if you want to keep your loan, and we don't need it for a trip, let us know and we'll extend for another fortnight.

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