Office of Diversity & Inclusion
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Hamilton’s student body is undergoing a purposeful transformation as we seek to achieve a demographic mirroring the coming generation of college-bound students. Our student body is increasingly diverse, and we want to continue that trend so that all our students — minority and majority alike — are prepared for citizenship in a global community. Ultimately, we want to continue fostering an intellectual atmosphere that reflects our commitment to exploring and acknowledging the significance of different ideas and perspectives. We expect Hamilton to be transformed, even as it transforms those who come here.

Racial and Ethnic Diversity

U.S. Students of Color: 23% (2015-16)

  Hispanic: 8%
  Asian-American: 8%
  African-American: 5%
 Multicultural (Hispanic, Asian-American, African-American, and Native American students who checked more than one race or ethnicity): 3%

Non-U.S. Citizen: 6%
Faculty of Color: 18% (IR Strategic Indicators Fall 2015)

Geographic Diversity

States represented in student body: 46

Mid-Atlantic: 45%
New England: 28%
Midwest: 6%
South/Southwest: 7%
West: 7%
International: 7%

Countries represented in student body: 45

Socioeconomic Diversity

First-Year Pell Grant recipients: 15%
Percent of Students Receiving Financial Aid: approximately 50%
Average Financial Aid Award (Scholarship, Student Loan, Work-Study): $41,300
Hamilton-funded financial aid: $36,620,000

First-Generation Students in the First-Year Class: 15%

Public/Private School Students in the First-Year Class: 61/39

Male/Female Ratio: 48/52