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Hamilton-Specific Resources

  • HamNET (internships promoted directly through the Career Center)
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    Temporary password = aaron (You can change this when you first login. If you have trouble logging in, call 315-859-4346)
  • LACN (Liberal Arts Career Network)
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  • Eastern College Career Day (ECCD)  Boston and New York (off-campus opportunity for candidates from 8 Liberal Arts schools to interview for full-time post-graduate opportunities)

General Internship Listings and Listings by Career Field

Caution: The following resources have no affiliation with Hamilton College. Please use these resources carefully.

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General Internship and Job Listings



Environmental and Outdoors
Government, Policy & Law

Because there is no comprehensive listing of U.S. Federal Agency internships, please consider using more than one of the three resources below:

  1. Federal Internship Directory
  2. Listings on federal department & agency web sites
  3. Google the following federal undergraduate internship programs:

"Student Temporary Employment Program"
"Student Career Experience Program"

Sciences & Health

Internships for Students of Color
International Internships

Many, if not most, international internships that are listed in the U.S. are done so through third-party recruiters who charge a fee for "placing" students in an internship. The following recruiters have sent us information about their international internship program.