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Maurice Horowitch Career and Life Outcomes Center is located on the third floor of Bristol Center.

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About Us

Connect Team 

The mission of the Connect Teams is to engage fellow students in industry-specific career-related exploration.  Connect Team Interns help other students:

  • Explore different industries
  • Build networking skills
  • Connect with alumni in potential fields of interest
  • Develop industry-specific knowledge, vocabulary, and skillsets
  • Prepare to search and apply for opportunities

The Connect Teams plan industry-specific programs, workshops, events, and panels to showcase alumni in corresponding fields and positions.   Additionally, the Connect Team develops and maintains reference materials and resources to assist students who seek to obtain knowledge about and pursue opportunities in eight key industry areas.

2016-2017 Connect Team

Emma Anderson '17
Devon Brown '17
Eliza Coffin '17
T.J. Daigler '18
Lauren Getman '18
Nikolas Guevara '18
Emily Lei '19
Liam McAuliff '17
Kyung Noh '18
Philip Parkes '17
Anna Rich '18
Ilana Schwartz '17
Ellison Sherrill '17
Griffin Small '17
Jessie Springer '17
Louisa Stone '17
Rebecca Werrell '18
Lisa Yang '17