Bicentennial Initiatives

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Bicentennial Initiatives Kickoff Slide Show

13th Annual 1812 Leadership Circle Gala and Kickoff Celebration of Bicentennial Initiatives

Bicentennial Initiatives Chair Jeff Little '71, President Joan Hinde Stewart and Board of Trustees Chair A.G. Lafley '69
Some of the 375 guests who attended the Bicentennial Initiatives Kickoff
Aeon Cummings '85, Milt Walters '64 and Rory Radding '71
Joanne and Tom Gouge '66, P'93
Rory Radding '71 and Brendan McCormick '01
Bicentennial Initiatives Chair Jeff Little ’71 gave the opening remarks
Some of the 375 guests who attended the Bicentennial Initiatives Kickoff
Susan Skerritt K'77, Bruce Lieberman '76 and Mitchell Radin '76
Lea Haber Kuck '87 and Tom Kuck '88
Nanelle Napp K'74, Amy and Mark Rice '73, P'01, '06
Students enjoy a light moment before their performances
Associate Professor of Theatre Mark Cryer wrote and produced the evening performance
Missy and David Partridge P'93 and Karen Massolo P'93
Erin Shoudy Meyer '01 and Keri Diamond '01
Mitchell Radin '76, Susan Skerritt K'77 and Chuck Tint '76
Professor of Music G. Roberts Kolb directed the College Hill Singers
Nikki Field P'03, '06 and Philip Stewart
John Allen '60 and Rich Guberman
Melissa Joyce-Rosen '86, Torrance Moore '92 and Beth Martin K'75
Associate Professor of Art Rebecca Murtaugh said new arts facilities will unleash the full potential of students' imaginations
Hal Higby '68, P'99 and Karen Kennedy
Dorie and Ralph Hansmann '40, P'72
Gene Romano '49, GP '08
The College Hill Singers performed three songs during the 75-minute program
Andrea and Ethan Richardson '02
Jennifer and Paul Reichert '90, Kimberly Freesland and Frank Vlossak '89
Kathy Nye, Stever Inzer, Monica Inzer and John Nye '87
Associate Professor of Theatre Mark Cryer also served as master of ceremonies for the program
Stuart Scott '61, P'91, '06  and Henry Kaufman '67
Tory and Nelson Walsh P'14
Barry Seaman '67, Mark Monty and Bob Pomeroy '65
Barbara and Ron French '59
Ileana Becerra '11 performed beautifully a song from <em>Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom,</em> while KB Bennett '12 looked on
Rich Stieglitz '00 and Peggy Malloy Garte '01 and Jeff Garte '00
Shawn and Aeon Cummings '85
Roger Howlett '66
KB Bennett '12 captivated the audience with his performance of the signature monologue from <em>Ma Rainey's Black Bottom</em>
Nanelle Napp K'74
Ralph Hansmann '40 and David Gaynes '99
Art Massolo '64 and Beth Pfitzenmayer Robitaille '85
Board Chair A.G. Lafley '69 spoke briefly following dinner
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