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Planning Your Gift

Helping Donors Meet Philanthropic and Personal Planning Objectives

If you are interested in partially tax-free payments, concerned about outliving your resources, or seeking supplemental retirement income, we can assist you explore the available planned gift options.

Hamilton has a long-standing tradition of estate and life payment gifts with experienced professionals to assist you through the process of completing a gift to the College for the purpose of your choice. They can provide useful information about gifts that make payments to you, or another named beneficiary, for life or a term of years. You can request sample calculations that will demystify and demonstrate the benefits of planned gifts.

Estate Planning Resources - Sample Language

  • Suggested language for a beneficiary designation for a 401(k), IRA, or other bank or investment account: “The Trustees of Hamilton College to be used for the general tax-exempt purposes of the College.”
  • Sample estate plan language: "I give to the Trustees of Hamilton College, an educational corporation established by law at Clinton, New York, (here follows the amount in dollars, the percentage of the residuary estate or trust, or an accurate description of the securities, real estate, or other property given), to be used for the general tax-exempt purposes of the College."
  • Language for a specific purpose will be provided by contacting Ben Madonia at 866-729-0317 or bmadonia@hamilton.edu.
  • Please Advise the College if you Include Hamilton in your Estate Plan.

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Hamilton makes a number of resources available to you, including the following:

Email Ben Madonia '74 or Joni Chizzonite or call 1-866-729-0317 for more information.