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The Kirkland Endowment Advisory Committee was established at the time of the merger of Hamilton and Kirkland colleges. It disburses funds from the unrestricted portion of the Endowment of Kirkland, in “the needs and interests of women at Hamilton College.”



Next deadline: July 24, 2017

If you or your department or student group has a project in mind (speaker, artistic performance, research, etc.) that supports the “needs and interests of women at Hamilton,” you may apply to the Kirkland Endowment Advisory Committee for financial support. We define this mission broadly, and support work by and about women and gender. We welcome proposals from student groups. We are especially interested in interdisciplinary and innovative programming. 

Student travel for research and creative work 

Next deadline: July 24, 2017

We assist women students with travel for research, service, and for presentations of creative work or research at professional meetings. (We cannot support senior project research or study abroad and we cannot support seniors after graduation. Typical grants for travel within the U.S do not exceed $400 and cover up to $1000 for international travel.) 

You may send an application to keac@hamilton.edu. Please do not send a pdf file). 

Please include: 

  1. A brief description of the activity, including its intended audience. 
  2. A complete budget, including amount requested and other sources of funding; 
  3. A statement of how your proposed event meets the needs and interests of women at Hamilton. 

We ask that events sponsored by the Kirkland Endowment Advisory Committee credit the Endowment in any and all publicity.

Kirkland Scholars

The Kirkland scholarship recognizes students who demonstrate a commitment to the needs and interests of women.

Summer Associates

The Kirkland Endowment Advisory Committee sponsors up to four students in its program of Summer Associates. They do ten weeks of full-time work on a research or creative project of their own design. The program is designed to support students who wish to do research or creative work that fits under the mandate of the Endowment, “to support the needs and interests of women at Hamilton.” The program is open to all students, but preference will be given to rising juniors and seniors.

Working closely with a faculty supervisor, students receive a stipend of $4000. The Kirkland College Summer Associates will produce an essay or creative piece and report on their work to the community in the following academic year (typically in the fall unless they are abroad). We advise students to contact potential faculty supervisors early in the spring semester. Faculty members receive a modest stipend ($1500 for the first project).

Kirkland Essay Prize

The Kirkland Endowment Essay Prize in Interdisciplinary Studies recognizes an outstanding interdisciplinary essay. Essays should be no more than 10 pages; they may be essays prepared for a class assignment, but students should submit clean, ungraded copies. The paper should be anonymous, with a cover sheet with the student’s name and email address.

Submit a Word document in an email keac@hamilton.edu. Deadline is April 2017.

2015 & 2016 Recipients

Lauren Howe ’14 for her superb essay titled “Past, Present and Future: The Effects of the Death of the Swift River Valley and the Birth of the Quabbin Reservoir on Local Residents.”

Crystal Kim for her superb interdisciplinary essay titled “The Fall and Rise and Fall again of the Haleminis: the Comfort Women Redress Movement.”

Samuel F. Babbit Kirkland College Fellowship

The Samuel F. Babbit Kirkland College Fellowship “is awarded to the female graduate who best exemplifies the spirit of individual learning that was associated with Kirkland College, to assist her in meeting expenses of pursuing an advanced degree.”

  • Katherine Goldman ’14 has been awarded the 2014 Samuel F. Babbitt College Fellowship to pursue a degree in Dental Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. She hopes to eventually work in a clinic that provides quality healthcare to underserved women.
  • Karen G. Johnston ’89 spent two decades as a social worker after graduating from Kirkland College. She recently returned to school and has been awarded the 2014 Samuel F. Babbitt College Fellowship to pursue a Master of Divinity degree at Andover Newton Theological School. She hopes to be ordained as a Unitarian Universalist minister upon completion of her degree.
  • Ashley Sutton ’13 has been awarded the 2013 Samuel F. Babbitt College Fellowship to pursue a doctorate in Clinical Psychology researching and working closely with survivors of trauma and sexual violence.
  • Meghan Woolley ’13 has been awarded the 2013 Samuel F. Babbitt College Fellowship to pursue graduate studies at St. Andrews College in Medieval and gender history.
  • Lydia Rono ’11 has been awarded the 2011 Samuel F. Babbitt College Fellowship. She will be attending graduate school in the Fall pursuing a Ph.D. in organic chemistry. When she graduates she intends to return to her native Kenya and give back by providing avenues for girls and women to learn.

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