2013–14 GOLD Scholars

Katie White ’16

“I enjoy having the ability to be myself, and try new things for myself because college might be the last chance for me to do that.” And try new things is exactly what Katie has done since arriving on College Hill from her home in Falmouth, Massachusetts.

Majoring in communication was always part of Katie’s plans. But sociology, now her proposed minor, and golf were something new. Both turned out to be good fits. Of Eugene M. Tobin Distinguished Professor of Sociology Dan Chambliss, who she’s had for three semesters, Katie says, “He is the most dedicated, passionate professor I have ever met. I enjoy going to his class every day because he makes everything we learn about so interesting.” As for golf, Katie is now a member of the varsity team, a sport she never expected to play in college. And she is also a member of the men’s, yes, the men’s, club hockey team and Phi Beta Chi sorority.

Katie’s post-graduate plans include pursuing a career in sports broadcasting. “[I have had] the opportunity to broadcast the men’s and women’s varsity hockey games. ... I have always been interested in sports broadcasting, and this job gave me the opportunity to learn a lot more about it and also get some practice doing it. While I am still learning, parents and alumni have been so supportive of my broadcast since they listen to it when they cannot attend the games.”

And Katie has been touched in another way by those many individuals with close ties to Hamilton. “I have been so deeply impacted by the donors to the College. I would never have had the opportunity to attend such a great school without the help of these generous donors. Whether or not they realize it, their donations change peoples’ lives. Receiving such an incredible education is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I feel so fortunate that these donors gave me the opportunity to come to Hamilton.”

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2013–14 GOLD Scholars