2013–14 GOLD Scholars

Ethan Kelly ’15

Ethan seems to epitomize the liberal arts experience. He arrived on College Hill from Niskayuna, New York, with thoughts of becoming a doctor and a planned major in biology. Then he discovered environmental studies and shifted his major. And now, as he approaches his final year, his plans have taken another turn. “I’ve been up and down about [what I want to do after graduation] since day one, but think I have finally realized that I want to get into the advertising industry. I want to work in a fast-paced environment where I will continually be challenged to excel and be creative.”

Lest you think he’s abandoned his passion for the environment, he hasn’t, as is evident from his involvement with the Hamilton Environmental Action Group (HEAG). And his two most notable faculty interactions have been with Professors Ernest Williams and Peter Cannavao, who teach courses in the environmental studies program. “They piqued my curiosity in environmental sciences and drove me to reach for excellence. They both continue to be influential toward my success at Hamilton.”

The College’s small, tight-knit community means a great deal to Ethan. “While some people say that small schools shelter you from the fast-paced real world, I think it makes you better prepared because of the many close relationships you foster.” He is grateful for Hamilton’s emphasis on strong written and oral skills, which he feels are extremely important.

A varsity soccer player, Ethan has made his best friends on the team and considers Coach Perry Nizzi as part of his family. “Soccer has always meant a lot to me, but especially at Hamilton... Working out in the off-season and playing together in season has brought us close together and I’m always amazed at the range of talent these guys have on and off the field.”

Ethan knows first-hand the difference the College’s many supporters have made. “Without financial aid, I simply would not be able to attend.”

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2013–14 GOLD Scholars