2012–13 GOLD Scholars

Sarah “Dewi” Caswell ’14

GOLD Light Side Scholar

Sarah “Dewi” Caswell ’14 exemplifies all the best qualities of a Hamilton student.  She is a leader, an athlete, an actress, an academic and a writer. Caswell describes the “inclusiveness” of campus and the endless opportunities as some of the College’s most defining attributes. When giving tours to prospective students, she tells them “You want to start a radio show? Go for it.  You want to join Hogwarts at Hamilton? Absolutely. Want to start a grilling club? Why not?”

Caswell’s Theater 101 Professor Mark Cryer advises students to take charge of their education and actively pursue what they want to learn, and Caswell has taken his advice to heart. In addition to working as an admission tour guide, she has written for The Duel Observer. As a performance studies interdisciplinary major, Caswell has participated in several main stage theatre productions. “Much about my time so far at Hamilton has not been what I expected or planned for myself,” she says, “but it’s those unexpected opportunities that have made my time here so great.”

Caswell is also a member of the lacrosse team, where she especially enjoys the bonding experience among her teammates. This echoes her first impressions of Hamilton when she came to visit as a prospective student. “It was the first campus I’d ever come to where I got the sense that people really liked each other and were genuinely happy to bump into one another.”

Although Caswell still has her senior year ahead of her, the most significant skill she has gained at Hamilton so far is “the ability to appreciate things from different perspectives.” She has also learned to manage people effectively, communicate quickly and efficiently, and fine-tune her problem-solving skills.

“I would never have been able to afford Hamilton in general without [financial aid], but it even comes down to the little things, like voice lessons,” she notes. “I could not be more thankful for the chances that generous donors have given me.”

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2012–13 GOLD Scholars