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Adirondack Adventure

Combination Hiking/Canoe Trips

Oswegatchie Triple Combo (Spicy)

Sea Kayaking, Hiking and Canoeing all in one challenging trip. Brilliant!

This trip is a phenomenal adventure for experienced paddlers. Two trips begin at either end of the route, swapping equipment in the middle. Trip A begins on the Oswegatchie river with two days of challenging canoeing through the most pristine, remote wilderness in the Adirondacks. After paddling 18 miles over a day and a half, Trip A leaves their canoes on the side of the river, break out the backpacks and hikes three miles to the shores of Lows Lake to meet up with Trip B. Trip A gets in the sea kayaks and completes the trip with a 12 mile paddle across Lows Lake, recently classified as powerboat free. Trip B starts with sea kayaks, goes to backpacks and finishes with canoes, obvi.

Canoeing/Hiking combo (Medium)

The ever-popular combination trips have been exploring the Adirondacks since the start of AA. These mellow trips involve two groups which start at either end of the route and work towards each other. One group starts with paddling, while the other begins hiking. When they meet in the middle, backpacks are switched for canoes and vice versa, and each trip continues on.

Hiking/Rock Climbing combo (Medium)

New for 2016, these trips will do a day and a half of rock climbing and a similar time hiking in the same area. A great trip for beginners who want to try a little bit of climbing without committing to the Chapel Pond trip. Your trip will stay in a remote wilderness basecamp and go out each day to climb or hike. There are sure to be spectacular views every day.