One semester. Six million acres. Education. Community. Stewardship. That's the Adirondack Program,  a semester-long, place-based immersion in the Adirondack Park. The program combines academic study with fieldwork and internships with local partners and in wilderness contexts. Students focus on local environmental issues that have global implications.

Adirondack Program - birding tour

Calling All Majors

We seek students from any major who want to investigate the ecological, geological, political, economic, historic and cultural issues that shape the complex mix of natural and human environments in the Adirondacks.

Adirondack mountains

Fall 2017: Explore the Forest Ecology

Students will gain in-depth knowledge of the structure and composition of Adirondack forests from Associate Professor of Biology and Faculty-in-Residence Bill Pfitsch.

Adirondack Program

Distinguished Guest Speakers

Experts on the Adirondack Park, where most of them live, share their perspectives on life, work and recreation in the region.

Taryn Ruf '17

Hands-On Learning

Through their fieldwork, students delve into the cultural and social environment of the Adirondack Park, mentored by established experts.

Contact Information

Janelle A. Schwartz

General Director

A Student For Life

This program allows me to use my Hamilton education in the most comprehensive way to date. In demanding of my environment the most learning possible, I've dug into the Adirondacks, my internship at North Country Public Radio, and my college courses, tangibly.  This place-based learning assures me that I'll be the lifelong student I set out to become.

Julia Ferguson '16

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