The Senior Program

Senior majors in communication participate in an intensive Senior Program, during which they work closely with a faculty member on a one-semester senior project. The project represents a culmination of each student’s undergraduate experience; it synthesizes coursework, research and discussion into a focused statement of intellectual growth and insight. In communication, the project consists of both written and oral components, culminating in a final draft of original research and an oral presentation to students and faculty at the end of the course.

Recent projects in communication include:

  • The Latinization of American Politics: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Ethnic Appeals to Presidential Campaign Advertisements
  • Social Media and Democracy: Exploring Political Freedom during the Evolution of Communication Landscapes
  • The One Who Got Away: An Exploration of How We Choose Our Life Long Partners
  • International Students Intercultural Friendship Formation - Strategies that worked
  • Face-to-Face versus Facebook: How College Students prefer to share their political opinions in the 21st Century
  • Power Dynamics and Rhetoric within Organizational Communication
  • ‘Totally Invested’: A Structural and Cultural Examination of Employee Experience in High Finance
  • Watching in Black and White: A Qualitative Examination of Race in Mass Media
  • Yikyak, Anonymity, and You
  • Fashion: A Consumer’s Epidemic
  • Beyond Bechdel: Evaluating gender representations in television
  • Perceptions of Self, Identity, and Personality in Multilingual College Students