What is the relationship between behavior and biology? How can that relationship best be observed and studied? What does it reveal about ourselves, our culture, our health, even our technology? These are the questions posed and pursued by neuroscience, the multidisciplinary study of the nervous system.

The brain is our most fascinating and complicated organ. It is the very seat of our identity, and it has been an object of scientific study and speculation for millennia. Contemporary neuroscientists, however, are able to draw on a new generation of technology as well as the scientific methods of biology and chemistry to investigate the behavior-biology link more deeply than ever before.

The study of the nervous system has a clear, practical impact on advances in mental and physical health, child development and aging, medicine, education and many other fields. By drawing on a range of research disciplines, neuroscience is also uniquely positioned to demonstrate the ways in which psychology, biology and chemistry intersect with philosophy, mathematics and – increasingly – computer science.

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