Ancient thinkers recognized that mathematics was the language of the natural world. Today we recognize that it is also the language of science and social science, of business, commerce and industry, even of art and design. Doing math can be as simple as executing a computer search and as momentous as planning a mass evacuation or tracing a disease epidemic, but it assumes ever-greater importance in our lives. At Hamilton, mathematics is both a popular major and a crucial part of the College's broader liberal arts curriculum.


The study of mathematics requires the ability to abstract and organize information, to grasp quantitative concepts, to reason and argue logically, to employ effective problem-solving strategies, and to communicate ideas clearly and efficiently. Mathematics students graduate from Hamilton with all these skills. Faculty members work closely with students in a variety of course formats ranging from formal lectures to intensive seminars. In each, the focus is on both developing students' abilities and providing skills useful in the wider arenas of the College as a whole.

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Mathematics Department

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