Facilities and Resources

The College maintains extensive fossil and mineral collections that include the Oren Root Mineral Collection, one of the finest in the country. The department's home at the state-of-the-art Science Center offers an array of tools and facilities that rival those of top graduate-level research institutions.

Among them: a sedimentology lab with particle size analyzer (laser optics) and magnetic susceptibility system; oceanographic instrumentation including a conductivity, temperature and transmissivity recorder; geochemistry facilities including X-ray diffraction and fluorescence instrumentation and total organic carbon analyzer; rock cutting and thin-section equipment; a complement of petrographic microscopes with photographic capabilities; hydrogeology equipment including a digital current meter, flow cells, groundwater sampling equipment, field chemical analysis system, well-testing equipment and a groundwater flow meter; and a computer array including Macintosh and IBM/NEC machines with a host of software and a digitizing table.

The Hamilton Analytical Lab offers elemental analysis of rock, sediments and soils for the broader geoscience community.