Psychology is the scientific study of the human condition. If the human brain is the most complex and fascinating organ on the planet, the human mind is even more remarkable. It makes us unique as a species, but it also links us to the animal world. It is capable of staggering creativity, yet it behaves in predictable ways. Students who pursue psychology at Hamilton College build a body of knowledge about the forces and influences great and small that shape mind, brain and behavior. In addition, through laboratory work and field studies they learn the scientific method, perhaps the most important means we have of acquiring knowledge.

Hamilton's program in psychology reflects the strengths of a versatile, highly regarded faculty with wide research interests and a deep commitment to teaching. The curriculum includes each of the major branches of contemporary psychology: clinical, cognitive, educational, developmental, personality, physiological, sensory and social psychology. The program's range and appeal make the psychology major one of the most popular at Hamilton every year.

Concentrators begin their study with Introductory Psychology, a survey of all areas of the discipline. They establish a strong base with a course in Neuroscience and a course in Statistics/Research Methods, the latter of which is required for all upper-level courses. Students choose from a variety of electives, such as Child Development, Adult Psychopathology, and Social Psychology. An advanced laboratory course and a course in research design provide the grounding for the senior project. Hamilton graduates in psychology have gone on to pursue graduate study in a variety of areas, to teach, and to work in a variety of clinical and professional fields.

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