The goal of Hamilton's Interdisciplinary Concentration is to allow students the flexibility to craft a program of study that matches their interests and goals.

Hamilton's innovative liberal arts curriculum dispenses with core courses and encourages academic freedom of choice. That allows most students to pursue their interests in a traditional major or concentration, where they can focus on a particular topic while exploring many other fields. Occasionally, however, students have interests and needs that are different or highly specialized. In such instances, they may work with members of the faculty to create their own concentration.

If the Hamilton curriculum does not meet your specific academic needs or interests, you may design and declare an interdisciplinary concentration involving two or more departments. Imagine the possibilities: Hispanic studies, women's studies and computer science. Or philosophy, mathematics and dance. Unusual, yes; unrealistic, no. After all, the Hamilton curriculum is about forging creative connections.

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Interdisciplinary Concentration Department

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