The goal of Hamilton's Geoarchaeology Program is to encourage connections between geological concepts and methods to aid in the interpretation of the archaeological record of past societies.

Geoarchaeology at Hamilton represents a new generation of innovative, interdisciplinary study in the earth sciences. Using geologic methods and principles to enhance our ability to interpret and understand the archaeologic record, geoarchaeology is a major field that has undergone tremendous growth in recent decades. The Hamilton program is a research-oriented bridge between the Geosciences Department and the Archaeology Program operated within the Anthropology Department. It combines the extensive resources of these two disciplines to provide specialized training to undergraduates that is typically available only to graduate students in large, research-oriented institutions.

The Geoarchaeology Program combines a broad course sequence in anthropology, geosciences and supporting fields with specialized coursework and a senior project. The focus is on such topics as geochronology, stratigraphic succession, paleoenvironmental reconstruction and landscape evolution. Hamilton is rare among undergraduate institutions in offering a geoarchaeology major, which is made possible by the breadth of expertise among faculty members in both the Geosciences and Archaeology programs.

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Geoarchaeology Program

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