The goal of Hamilton's Foreign Languages Program is to offer students opportunities to develop proficiency in multiple languages — a skill that will serve them well in a wide range of endeavors.

Hamilton students may major not only in individual languages,  but also in a foreign languages program that emphasizes multilingual skills, a broad familiarity with other cultures and histories, and study abroad. There is a growing professional demand for graduates able to lead and communicate in a multilingual, multicultural world. And beyond career considerations, the foreign languages program exemplifies Hamilton's most enduring liberal arts tradition — to reach beyond the limits of one's own experience and make connections with others.

Foreign languages majors complete a total of eight or more courses in at least two foreign languages. They may choose from Spanish, French, East Asian languages and literatures (Chinese, Japanese), and classics (Greek and Latin).

In addition, Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, Swahili and Hindi are typically offered through the College's Critical Languages Program.

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Foreign Languages Program

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