The goal of Hamilton's Chemical Physics Program is to encourage students to make connections across the chemistry and physics disciplines through extensive research opportunities and close collaboration between students and instructors.

Chemical physics explores the rapidly evolving research at the intersection where chemistry, the study of the composition of matter, meets physics, the study of the behavior of matter and energy. One of Hamilton's newest academic concentrations, the chemical physics major offers science students an opportunity to build their knowledge and laboratory skills in both fields. As an interdisciplinary program, chemical physics draws on the shared resources of two strong departments and exemplifies the College's innovative approach to making connections across different fields and perspectives.

The chemical physics concentration is designed with specific students in mind: those interested in teaching science at the high school level, where versatility is a strength; and those interested in moving directly into science-based professions after graduation. Chemical physics majors will advance to the intermediate level in both disciplines but will not be required to do theory-level courses in either. While the emphasis is on balance, majors choose to do their advanced laboratory work and senior project in either chemistry or physics.

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Chemical Physics Program

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